Daikaiju - daikaiju

Nick is worried that one of Godzilla's egg might have survived the events of the 1998 Godzilla movie. When Godzilla's offspring hatches indeed from a single surviving egg, Nick and his science team ...

Boosters allow to launch herself in the direction of her crosshairs, making her one of the few Tanks that can engage snipers directly. You'll boost forward for 2 seconds and the ability has a short cooldown of 5 seconds, so you'r meant to use it all the time. Boosters also means is one of the few Tanks that can get back into the fight quickly, or escape one if need be. The knock back of Booster's charge can also be used to knock heroes off ledges and into pits.

In Destroy All Monsters , Baragon is seen as one of several monsters kept in captivity on Monster Island. Along with the rest of Earth's monsters, he is brought under the control of an alien race called the Kilaaks during their invasion of Earth and forced to destroy cities in their cause. He later breaks free from this mind control, and watches (but does not actually take part in) the fight against the Kilaaks and their remaining monster, King Ghidorah , before returning to Monster Island with the other Earth monsters.

Daikaiju - DaikaijuDaikaiju - DaikaijuDaikaiju - DaikaijuDaikaiju - Daikaiju