Guerilla - our time is now!

The atmosphere at Guerilla is quintessentially Berkeley. The small interior is dominated by the art covering the wall opposite the counter. The art changes every few months and varies from giant murals, to unobtrusive framed prints, to a chalkboard that invites doodles from guests. The tables are identified by a placard that teaches you about a revolutionary, an activist, or an anarchist, depending on your perspective. As expected from a place called Guerilla Cafe, they aren’t shy about making a political statement.

"fighter in an irregular, independent armed force," 1809, from Spanish guerrilla "body of skirmishers, skirmishing warfare," literally "little war," diminutive of guerra "war," from a Germanic source (cf. Old High German werra "strife, conflict, war;" see war ). Figurative use by 1861. As an adjective from 1811. Acquired by English during the Peninsular War (1808-1814); purists failed in their attempt to keep this word restricted to "irregular warfare" and prevent it taking on the sense properly belonging to guerrillero "guerrilla fighter."

Right now, guerilla research is looking pretty darn good, cheap and insightful. That’s not a wrong assumption, many blogs, books, articles and tweets recite how great it is to go ‘guerilla’, especially due to it’s low cost and low time pressured nature. However, there is other advantages that are less noted. The high ecological validity that ‘guerilla’ gives you compared to lab testing is unique as the users are in an environment in which they are comfortable, in addition your users provide a more true reaction as they have had no time to mentally prepare for the session.

Guerilla - Our Time Is Now!Guerilla - Our Time Is Now!Guerilla - Our Time Is Now!Guerilla - Our Time Is Now!